Below you’ll find testimonials from several of my clients.

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I want to thank you for taking me through this journey of a fat loss lifestyle. Your knowledge, support, patience and positive attitude are priceless. This program has changed my dieter mentality to a lifestyle change. I now have a more positive outlook on the way I IMG_4278eat and think about food and exercise. One meal will not set me back or sabotage anything, I just accept it and move on to the next meal. I have come to love lifting and am excited about the progress that I have made through these past 16 weeks, mentally and physically.Chest: 36 to 33 Waist: 29 to 26
Hips: 39 to 36
Thigh: 21 to 2
Weight: 136 to 129 Donna Yuen
Working with Jo since October 2013…it’s been a process, mostly in my head, but I’m working through any negativity jamieor expectations that I have or have had. I’m accepting “MY” process, whatever the pace may be. I can without a doubt, say that I feel better than ever and feel grateful to Jo, and for my willingness to keep on track (most days) which without both, I would not be able to feel comfortable sharing a pic of me in a bikini! Love you Jo!
Jamie Brez
 Down 10 lbs & 17 inches all over in 8 weeks, and body fat is down 4.5%!! I’m more comfortable making smarter choices when I eat out (especially after the work it’s taken to get here lol) I’m still craving desserts at night but I’m confident I will get that under control soon too THANK YOU JO!! Best results driven program I’ve ever been a part of!! Or should I say, BEST HEALTHY LIFESTYLE change!!!Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.44.04 PM
Funny how you don’t realize exactly how far you’ve come till you “see” it! Comparing November of last year (yes those are little belly rolls ) to now! 15lbs & 17 inches overall difference! And now I got muscles popping I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH JO!
Nilsa Rodalhy
Having Johanna as a coach was a life changing experience! Not only did
she keep me motivated to go to the gym 6 times/week, but also taught me the importance of eating clean. Now, eating healthy and working out are second nature for me.
E.M. (Germantown, MD)
I began my journey with Jo on Sept 9th, 2013 and I have never felt better in my entire life! I am a 52 year old mother of four and I am an avid fitness fan. I have participated in numerous forms of exercise over the past 30 years ranging from Bikram Yoga to Body Pump but I found myself “stuck” last Fall and needed to get back on track. I contacted Jo and after one session I knew that I had found the answer. I have worked with several trainers over the years and I own a fitness facility and hire personal trainers.  Jo is a Pro in all aspects of the word. Her passion ,professionalism and knowledge impressed me so much after we met that I did not hesitate to sign up for 24 sessions on the spot!  I am seeing results like I have never seen before and I feel more energetic than I did when I was in my 30″s. It is all about life style and the choices that we make. Working with Jo has become a top priority in my life !”
Kathy M.
Before Johanna approached me about  joining a fitness challenge, I had given up on getting my body back.  I had a 4 year old and still called it my ‘baby weight’.  I tried every diet out there, including some gimmicks from the health food stores.  Nothing worked and I just became more and more discouraged.  Johanna’s support and guidance throughout the challenge helped me achieve my goals.  I lost 18lbs and 10 inches after the challenge and felt amazing!  A year and a half later I’ve kept off 15lbs of that and have adapted this way of eating and exercising as my lifestyle.  I don’t look at this as a diet anymore -its really just my norm now.  I have so much more energy and am so much stronger than I have ever been.  I couldn’t have done this without Jo!”Before After side 3.2012
J.G (Rockville, MD)


I started working out with Jo about 4 months after having my second child.  It took me over a year to lose the pregnancy weight after my first child; but within 4 months of working out with Jo, I had lost all of the pregnancy weight and dropped 2 dress sizes.  Even better, I started to fit into clothes that I had not worn for several years.  I never felt like I was on a diet and basically this is my lifestyle now!”
Mara Bauman


I met Johanna taking her Bodypump and RPM classes, I enjoyed her style of teaching.

She was able to encourage me to push myself farther than I ever had before and made weight training fun for me. When I moved to Guam I joined one of her challenge groups, her guidance and requirement of accountability helped me to gain the discipline I  needed to loose weight and see muscle definition I never knew I could have. I call her the Happy Drill Sergeant and I can’t wait to do another of her challenges!”tre

J.H. (Guam)

 I can’t remember the last time I felt so strong and fit as I do now. The results I have achieved so far are due to Jo’s extensive knowledge on the right combination on nutrition and exercise. The balance which resonates with me on a daily basis continues to be a major factor in my journey toward lifelong health for me and my family. My workout sessions are geared to the areas that I want to target from a toning stand point. She has me do what she knows will help me obtain results. It is because her motivation, encouragements that I will continue to be her client and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants success in a new , healthier lifestyle. I never had much to lose on the beginning but so far I’ve lost 3in on my waist, 3in on my hips and 2 in on my thighs. Right now my workouts are geared toward building muscle.”

Jamie Brez
I’ve always been relatively thin, but I never was lean or had much definition. I’ve worked out with trainers in the past and also worked out at the gym on my own, but I never saw the results I was looking for. Johanna helped me transform my body into a healthier and leaner new me! She was always so motivational, and really helped me with changing my diet and my workout regime. I saw amazing results in just 4 months and I owe it all to Johanna. She truly is great at what she does and it shows!”
K.O.  (Arlington, VA)