Lean Lifestyle Transformation with Jo

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“Hey there, so you want to lose fat with a balanced approach? Here’s where it all begins!”Untitled-6

Tired of dieting, counting calories, under eating and over training only to lose a few lbs. and then gain them all back if not more? Tired of obsessing over foods and not being able to control those cravings? How about spending endless hours at the gym with no results?

What if I tell you there’s a better to achieve the results you want and make them last a lifetime  with a more balanced approach? No diets, no out of control cravings, no guilt, no drastic measures all paired with my specially designed fat burning workouts that will take you no longer than 30 mins!

I have helped so many women achieve their fitness goals and they not only look great but they feel better than ever. How? with my balanced approach to fat loss, nutrition and exercising!

LLT is a comprehensive nutritional and exercise program specifically designed to jump start your metabolism and get your body into fat burning mode from the start!


What can you expect at the end of  twelve weeks?


  1.  Lose inches from all body, you will achieve overall strength and muscle tone. You will not only look great, but you will feel amazing from the inside out!
  2. This program is designed as an education into your body. At the end of the 12-weeks you will know exactly what it takes to lose fat as well as maintain your fat loss.
  3.  Access to an amazing group of like-minded women for accountability and support.
  4. Best part? No more dieting! You will have the tools needed to create the fit, balanced, and healthy lifestyle you always wanted.


What do you receive when you enroll?

  1. A complete starter’s guide with a list of foods, nutrition and workouts guide.
  2. Comprehensive nutrition plan that includes all acceptable foods, supplements, shopping list, and menus for the next 12-weeks.
  3.  Weekly or Bi-weekly fat burning workouts that are housed in our private online portal. All workouts can be done in home or at the gym and are 30-minutes or less.
  4. Education on mindset, nutrition, exercise and fat loss that will be delivered to you weekly via email, or through our portal.
  5. Access to our closed Facebook page where you can interact with other members, get motivation, accountability and ask questions that I would personally be answering daily.
  6. One monthly call with me where we will discuss your unique lifestyle, schedule, metabolic considerations, etc.
  7. On-going email access to me to ask questions throughout the program.

* You will get my undivided attention to help you reach your goals! I’ll be with you every step of the way!

It’s YOUR time to start living the healthy, fit & balanced life you deserve! To reserve your spot now, simply click on the pay pal price option of your choice! It’s going to be an amazing 12 weeks!!


It will be just like having me as a personal trainer and fat loss coach in your living room  every single day for ¼ of the price!

For this week only you can access this program for the special price of $197.00 for 12 weeks


or $97.00 debited monthly for 3 months