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Welcome to the Jo-Fit Lifestyle
Coaching Group
I’m sorry, but the Jo-Fit Lifestyle Club is not accepting applications at this moment. Please make sure you sign up for my emails to get the latest updates about my programs. :)

For a limited amount of times per year you will get the opportunity to apply for my exclusive Women Lifestyle Coaching Group.jofit lifestylers

What is the Jo-Fit Lifestyle Coaching Group?

If you have been following me for a while or perhaps read my posts or my story (insert link here) you know that I don’t believe in quick fixes or cookie cutter diets. They just don’t work! What could work for someone doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you!

Jo-Fit Lifestyle Coaching is not about rapid weight loss, depriving yourself, counting calories or weighing foods. Who has time for that? Plus, when we lose weight too fast we lose muscle, we lose water and very little fat. This is very detrimental for your body and metabolism! The faster we loose it, the faster we’re going to gain it back.

Through my exclusive coaching group I will personally help you find your unique fat loss formula, which would turn into your own fat loss lifestyle.  With the combination of fat loss eating and my weekly fat loss workouts you should be able to create a fat loss lifestyle that’s sustainable, fun and effortless! You should never experience the feeling of dieting or over training ever again!

 Bottom Line:

Everything that you put in your mouth should taste great and should be enjoyed!

You shouldn’t have to spend hours at the gym to lose fat, 30 min. Metabolic Workouts are the best, most efficient and effective way to lose fat!

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What do Jo-Fit Lifestylers get?

  • The moment you enroll you will get a questionnaire to determine what type of burner you are which will help build your unique fat loss formula.


  • Access to an exclusive online portal where you will be able to download your workouts, videos and education.


  • Weekly education on fat loss, fitness, nutrition and mindset.


  • Weekly exercise videos with pdf option to download into your computer.


  • Daily access to me, via our closed Facebook group were you can ask me questions and get to interact with other members for group motivation and accountability.


  • An initial coaching call with me where we will discuss your unique lifestyle, schedule, metabolic considerations, etc.
  • We will work to find your Metabolic Burner Type and start you with this stratification in mind.
  • Depending on your metabolic type, you’ll get a complete food list (with flexibility to fit your lifestyle). No foods are prohibited; we will just adjust the amounts depending on your goals and your unique Metabolic Type.
  • Semi- customized workouts, with new ones released every 3 weeks of the program to keep the body responsive. There will be workouts for beginner, intermediate, advanced which I will direct you to, depending on what stage you are in and depending on your unique goals.
  • On-going email access to me to ask questions throughout the program
  • Weekly educational emails about fat loss, nutrition, workouts and mindset
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: You will get my undivided attention to help you reach your goals! I’ll be with you every step of the way!

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I Hope I get the opportunity to work with you and help you on your journey to fat loss!