Hi there!

So, you’re interested in living a fit and balanced life? I’ll tell you what, I will give you all the tools you need to get there. If you read my story, you know by now that it took me many years to get here, and at this point in my life it’s all about balance and moderation.  I know, it doesn’t sound sexy or hard-core, but honestly it’s what works! No crash diet will give you lifetime results. Take it from me :)

I will teach you how to eat for fat loss and how to find your individual fat loss formula (because we’re all different), without feeling deprived or hungry.  This in combination with my quick and effective workouts, that you will be able to fit in quickly anytime during the day, will put your body into fat burning mode, without counting calories, points or macros (What is that right? LOL).  The idea behind my program is that you will turn it into your lifestyle.

On our first phase, we will begin with my Jo-Fit 4 week Fat Loss Jump Start where we will reset your body and mind to begin your fat loss journey. I will give you all the tools you need including a “Structured 4 weeks fat loss nutrition plan”, daily workouts, education in fat loss nutrition, exercise, mindset and the opportunity to interact with me daily to ask me all the questions you might have.

On our second phase, we will enter the Jo-Fit Lifestylers coaching group where we will find out which kind of burner you are, a muscle burner, a sugar burner or a mixed burner. This will help us determine which foods are good for you to get your body into fat burning mode, and which ones we need to monitor more. We will dig deeper into finding your individual fat loss formula, we’ll modify workouts and we’ll be moving you into the right direction to find your fat loss lifestyle.

With my program you will never feel like you were on a diet, as a matter of fact you will not want to do another counting calorie, depriving, starving or restricting food diet ever again. This is not what it’s all about, if I don’t believe in it, why should I make you do it?

What do I believe in?jofit coaching

I believe in moderation.

I believe that food was meant to be enjoyed and that everything that you put in your mouth should give you that feeling. No guilt!

I believe in short, intense, results driven fat burning workouts.

I believe that balance and moderation is the key to a fit, healthy, and happy life and I will be honored to help you find it!  That’s my passion!